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Tweet Archive for: January 2009

Right now looking at OmniMailer and Inspire

From Twitterrific 3:45pm Jan 31 2009 —

is wondering what the best self hosted email autoresponder app is.

From Twitterrific 3:43pm Jan 31 2009 —

is trying to tweak an iPhone specific layout for spigotdesign.com

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@eltiare What do you think this author is asking readers to do? I ask because I’m not sure, there’s no call to action, no answer.

From Twitterrific in reply to eltiare — 6:52pm Jan 30 2009 —

@eltiare truth is hard to corral. This guy peppers his rhetoric with so much fear, it’s hard for me to believe any of it.

From Twitterrific in reply to eltiare — 6:38pm Jan 30 2009 —

@eltiare Sounds little more than Right WIng scare tactics to me. The author offers only fear and doom, and little by way of facts.

From Twitterrific in reply to eltiare — 6:25pm Jan 30 2009 —

The economy hasn’t really affected me too much… until this week.

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