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Tweet Archive for: December 2008

will be migrating a site a 10pm, hopefully joining the party by 11.

From Twitterrific 6:07pm Dec 31 2008 —

just met with a happy client. I really like happy clients.

From Twitterrific 2:01pm Dec 31 2008 —

is starting a new site design. Poking around Illustrator is a bucketload of win.

From Twitterrific 12:07pm Dec 30 2008 —

may finally be settling on a middle name for the new baby due next week.

From Twitterrific 8:38am Dec 30 2008 —

Harvest feature updates before end of ‘08: The holiday season was not just for egg nog quaffing and loiter.. tinyurl.com/7dpls2

From twitterfeed 1:42am Dec 30 2008 —

New set of Harvest (@harvest) features – http://tinyurl.com/73z9ah

From Twitterrific 9:58am Dec 29 2008 —

The boy broke a mere 4 ornaments during the tree dedecorating festivities.

From Twitterrific 7:22pm Dec 28 2008 —

thinks a 15 hour (satur)day is quite long enough.

From Twitterrific 12:20am Dec 28 2008 —