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Tweet Archive for: July 2008

Drinking epsom salts… 3/4 cup at 6, another round at 8, and then a half cup of olive oil. Should be an interesting evening

From Twitterrific 8:03pm Jul 31 2008 —

Green Day’s American Idiot just doesn’t get old.

From Twitterrific 4:37pm Jul 31 2008 —

I’m wishing most of all for a better alternative to Quick Books. It ruins the entire business flow.

From Twitterrific 4:12pm Jul 31 2008 —

Tonight comes the liver cleanse. After 2 days of nothing but rice and veggies, I’ll be ingesting Epsom salts and olive oil. near Cutter …

From Loopt 2:37pm Jul 31 2008 —

Finally got my invite to BrightKite. Now I’m wondering what the heck I should use it for. I’m sure time will tell me. – bkite.co…230;

From web 8:44am Jul 31 2008 —

Client meeting nightmare: Discussing an unnesesary flash intro and hearing the words “logo flying across the screen.” Weeps softly to self.

From Twitterrific 10:13am Jul 30 2008 —

Wishing my pop email would sync between my iPhone and my mac. Tired of deleting emails I’ve already read off the phone.

From Twitterrific 12:36pm Jul 28 2008 —