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Tweet Archive for: May 2008

I’ve reinstalled MS Office, after having thought it could be dumped for Apple iWork. Mistake.

From Twitterrific 9:13am May 30 2008 —

I wish there was a command-z option in the physical world.

From Twitterrific 10:48am May 28 2008 —

@studio2 Good luck today, don’t bring your Fruit Loops or Lucky Charms. It’s safer to stick with the All Bran.

From Twitterrific 8:34am May 28 2008 —

Twitter makes Rock Stars sound like normal people.

From Twitterrific 7:50am May 28 2008 —

Tazo Om tea with a bit of honey just might be the best morning beverage on the planet.

From web 8:18am May 23 2008 —

@eltiare The resorts on this side of the Wasatch are closed. It’s definitely mountain bike season now, someone ought to inform Mother Nature

From web in reply to eltiare — 1:13pm May 22 2008 —

@eltiare Well the snow is <strong><em>accumulating</em></strong> here now, dang it

From web in reply to eltiare — 11:10am May 22 2008 —