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Tweet Archive for: April 2008

Putting my new web site in Expression Engine. Its a little weird coding through a browser, but in the long run it’ll be worth it.

From web 12:12pm Apr 29 2008 —

I’m wondering if the php framework codeignitor is as robust as Rails. It would be much easier to deploy on my server.

From web 7:53am Apr 24 2008 —

Four days, forty miles, 60lb pack. Sounds like work, but the three canyons I saw were worth it.

From web 7:53am Apr 23 2008 —

Its mud season in Park City. Resorts are closed and the hills are wet. Hard to get any decent exercise.

From web 11:48am Apr 17 2008 —

Confrence calls are too often a letdown. Such promise and hope always going unfulfilled.

From Twitter to Facebook 9:47am Apr 16 2008 —

I’m not having a glass of wine tonight. My liver thanks me.

From Twitter to Facebook 8:48pm Apr 15 2008 —

Celebrating a successful client meeting. They like the design, and changes are minor.

From web 2:46pm Apr 15 2008 —

Need to redesign the site. Why is designing your own site magnatudally harder than doing it for someone else?

From web 7:53am Apr 14 2008 —