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Tweet Archive for: March 2008

60 page InDesign document, and my mac pro with 5gb ram doesn’t hardly blink. Hardly is the operative word. Could use another 5gb.

From Twitter to Facebook 6:00pm Mar 26 2008 —

Back to work. The mountain wasn’t in great shape, but I do it for the blood pumping.

From Twitter to Facebook 5:16pm Mar 26 2008 —

Taking a break from the mouse, going snowboarding to clear my brain.

From Twitter to Facebook 1:07pm Mar 26 2008 —

Rolling my eyes back in my head, practicing being dead. Thank you Stuart Davis.

From Twitter to Facebook 12:59pm Mar 25 2008 —

Working on a print project. Found myself laying down clipping paths in Photoshop. Strange.

From web 9:16am Mar 17 2008 —

Redesigning my website for the 6th time in 5 years and I’m not sure I’ll get it right this time either.

From web 2:49pm Mar 16 2008 —